Shouldn’t virtual care be secure and adhoc, and offer clinicians and patients choices for how to communicate? Most of all, shouldn’t it always make for a better patient experience?

The answer, of course, is yes to all – which is precisely why video conferencing becomes less “leading edge” every year: It doesn’t necessarily make for the best patient experience.

BetterVitualcare™ provides all the same attributes of standard telemedicine but with an added benefit of including a fully accessible, ad hoc secure communication platform to use as part of the entire BetterTalk™ platform.

For example, by scheduling a telemedicine appointment whose link matches that of the phone number to which the appointment reminder is texted, you’ll make it easier for patients to click in on time. Check-in features, screen sharing, and onboard secure chatting – other elements of this solution – add efficiency and effectiveness to the virtual-care experience.  No downloading of video apps; just native-browser capable links that allow you to join a chat on capable devices without delay.



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