Free-flowing conversation – candid, unconstrained, natural conversation – is the heart of clinical care because it is the core of every patient-provider relationship. And yet, it can cut both ways; sometimes helping outcomes, sometimes hurting them. It all depends on whether the provider is equipped to handle phone calls efficiently; to organize, track, and route them effectively rather than let them run amok and go unanswered as a result.

This is where MacawHealth’s BetterOffice™ comes in, a fully featured patient- engagement platform that allows providers to communicate with patients in real time, 24/7, via any mode of communication – and in doing so reduces patient calls into the provider office. An office that takes 300 calls per day can see a reduction of almost 150 calls per day.

But how to organize the remaining 150 calls to keep your staff’s time well-structured and productive is where the rubber meets the road; watching them drown in voicemails helps no one. With automated queuing and caller-attribute tagging, calls, messages, and emails can easily be routed to the right person in your office and tracked to be automatically updated to your EMR Telephone Encounters.

Additionally, the same system that manages calls allows insight into the total patient-communications experience across locations and specialties, so that each patient’s question is handled by the person best equipped to answer it. 



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