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The MacawHealth Difference

The MacawHealth difference?

We see your patients as consumers whose satisfaction is paramount.

And we see your practices as businesses where empathy and efficiency must profitably co-exist.

A few examples…

Eliminating Inbound-Call Backlogs

A 30-provider gastroenterology practice was leaving 500 calls in its inbound-call queue nightly. Our marching orders: Deliver a solution that involves no human intervention.

An inbound queue jammed with 500 patient calls nightly; talk about a severe case of blockage! After an in-depth assessment, this 30-provider practice launched Macaw Health’s BetterProcedures™. It began by messaging an average of 5.5 pre-procedural colonoscopy reminders per patient and providing real-time, patient specific procedural Q&A simply by texting the questions through the system and providing automated, patient-specific responses. Once fully ramped up, our solution eliminated the backlog and reduced by 50% the time it took to re-transmit patient-specific instructions – freeing up office staff, strengthening patient compliance, and raising patient satisfaction. 

Time Spent on
Patient Instruction
Staff Resources

Freeing Staff from the Time Sink
of Answering Routine Calls

Answering inbound calls for a large gastroenterology practice: four Medical Assistants and four office staff.

That’s a lot of human capital invested in answering patient calls – roughly half of which are non-clinical in nature. Enter BetterProcedure™, which processed over 80% of all non-clinical calls with 98% confidence. Our solution responded far more conservatively to medical questions, for which it was set to answer only requests with a 99.8 percent confidence rate or higher. (Questions that fell beneath this threshold were routed to medical staff.) Of the medical questions it did answer, BetterProcedure achieved a 35% reduction in call volume with a confidence rate measured at 99.8%.

Reduction in
Call Volume
Confidence Rate

How to Manage 600 Calls a Day?

600 calls; half inbound, half outbound. How is a 30-provider OB/GYN office to handle this volume with just ten office and medical staff?

MacawHealth delivered a hybrid solution that provides automated secure messaging response for mammography results, upcoming procedural pre-op instructions, and the triaging of inbound calls. After launching BetterProcedures and BetterOffice’s switchboard tools, the practice saw a 45% reduction in inbound-call times and a 55% reduction in response wait times. As a result, it was able to re-purpose 3.5 staff members and reduce staff overtime.



Reduction in
inbound call times
Reduction in
response wait times

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