More than anything else, pre- and post-procedure communications drive compliance and patient experience, and influence revenue as a result. Why not start here to build ROI?

There’s another reason to start here: Patients are consumers who want control of their experiences. BetterProcedures™ is the only solution on the market to engage patients in meaningful ways about their procedures and surgeries. This is key; patients are famous for asking specific questions about upcoming procedure and demanding custom instructions regarding pre- and post-procedure prep. BetterProcedures can get them the details they need to be more compliant and informed, which puts everyone at ease.

Here’s how:

BetterProcedures’ patent-pending technology reads EHR free-form, patient-specific documents to find helpful information that can be indexed and sent to patients while in the process of pre- and post-procedural prep. For example, if a patient needs to stop taking a heart medication or if they need to begin a clear liquid diet, reminders can be generated without needing custom reports just by using our NLP to turn the information into helpful notifications.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine makes BetterProcedures unique in the market. It allows patients to ask questions in “their” language; questions that have meaning to them. The result of this “natural” communication: greater compliance, more effective procedures, and happier patients.

In short, Better Procedures.



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