“When should I stop smoking before my surgery?” “What if I can’t stop smoking?” “Can I continue to smoke if I’m able to cut down?”

Patient-provider conversations typically hold triggers – like “smoking” – that prompt clinicians to offer help that is systemic and sustained. Which is precisely why long-term initiatives like Population Health, to mention nothing of bedrock services like Chronic Care, require that conversations be clear, complete, and well understood.

Make no mistake: At the heart of clinical care is natural conversation in which patients ask and providers answer with clinical opinions and perhaps administrative data of relevance to the patient. As more and more of these conversations move out of the office and onto digital platforms, the question becomes: How to pick up those all-important triggers?

Enter BetterHealth™. “When should I stop smoking before my procedure?” would trigger this MacawHealth solution to offer the patient smoking-cessation information and to follow up with questionnaires to see if they’re struggling to stop.

The same holds true for proactively managing care and outcomes for value-based models and partnership with payer programs.  We can even integrate into best-of breed-technologies to provide information in a bi-directional manner.

This is the best of all worlds: automated communication that fully captures what’s on your patient’s mind!



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